Brent Cross Sidings In London

July 20, 2021

Here’s a sneak peek of our Interlocking RRAP and solid Rubber Edge Beams being installed at the remodelled Brent Cross Sidings in London. The new sidings have capacity for up to 24 trains and have been moved south to allow the construction of Brent Cross West station.
Rosehill Rail’s Interlocking RRAP (road rail access point) is a high-strength modular system which can be installed independent of sleeper spacing. Simple installation and removal make it the ideal solution for both temporary and permanent RRAPs and TAPs, reducing track possession times and delivering significant cost savings.
Our Rubber Edge Beams are installed in exactly the same way as concrete alternatives, but unlike concrete they won’t crack, pit or spall due to freeze-thaw cycles, providing a long-lasting, low maintenance solution.
Available in standard 1.8 metre lengths, Rosehill Rail Rubber Edge Beams can be delivered efficiently and stacked without the problems associated with concrete. Used by rail networks across the world, they are ideal for use on both new installations and maintenance projects.

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