Walkway Panels

The Rosehill Walkway Panel presents a more secure, sustainable, and cost-effective alternative to conventional concrete paving blocks and aggregate-based footpaths.

This initiative significantly contributes to reducing reliance on concrete and aggregates, with the rubber slab playing a key role in lessening a project’s carbon footprint.

Walkway Panel Overview

Boasting a design life of over 40 years, walkway panels are not only durable but also reusable, further augmenting both the cost-effectiveness and CO2 savings achieved by avoiding the use of virgin materials.

Walkway panels don’t just serve immediate needs, but also prove beneficial in the long term, providing compounded savings both financially and environmentally over their lifetime.

  • Quick and safe to install
  • Minimal ground prep with 40mm gravel foundation based upon GI and CBR of 2.5
  • Slip resistance with PSV 45
  • Non weather dependant install
  • Maintenance free, preventing weeds and rodents
  • Flexibility within the design to create straight, curved or right angle footpaths
As per the current standards outlined by Network Rail, a safe CESS access path requires a 100mm layer of Type 1 compacted material within a timber frame. However, the planning, administration, and cost associated with these standards can be complex, potentially leading to project delays and the need for post-completion inspections. By shifting to a lighter, more durable paving slab made from recycled rubber, we can simplify the process, reduce carbon emissions, and alleviate the maintenance concerns typical of traditional access paths.

The estimated carbon benefits are as follows:

  • Standard pathway using concrete slabs: 6kg carbon positive per slab (+0.006 tCo2e)
  • Composite pathway: 11kg carbon negative per slab (-0.011 tCo2e)

With the reduction in bedding material, we anticipate a negative carbon impact of 22 tons for every 1Km of access walkways.

Download the Walkway Panel brochure by clicking the link below:

Download (10MB PDF)

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