Rubber Level Crossing Systems

Rosehill Rail’s innovative level crossing systems provide safe and unimpeded driving and walking wherever road and rail cross. Made to a standard length of 1800mm, the solid rubber panels are hard wearing and reliable under a variety of traffic load and climate conditions, and can be quickly installed or removed to allow for effective maintenance work and reduced track possession times.


The Rosehill Rail CONNECT Road Crossing System is an innovative solution designed to provide dimensional stability at any angle in all operating conditions.

Designed for heavy traffic, the CONNECT System is ideal for very long crossings or those at an acute angle to the road.

Solid rubber panels can be removed and replaced without needing to dismantle other parts of the crossing.

LINK System

Meeting the challenge for faster train speeds.

The Rosehill Rail horizontal LINK Crossing System accommodates movement during the wave effect of differing vehicle loads applied from one panel to another, preventing separation of the panels.

Sustainably manufactured in the UK from 100% recycled tyre rubber, bonded with Rosehill’s unique polyurethane chemistry, the solid rubber panels are tough, durable, and engineered for long-term use.

Interlocking RRAP

Rosehill Rail’s Interlocking RRAP (road rail access point) is a high-strength modular system which can be installed independent of sleeper spacing.

Individual panels are manufactured to fit the specific rail, sleeper, and fastener type to ensure the perfect fit, then linked together to prevent them becoming dislodged.

Ideal for temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent access points, the system has been designed to be quick and easy to install, reducing track possession times and delivering significant cost savings.

Baseplate System

The Rosehill Baseplate crossing system’s solid rubber panels can be cut to fit around fishplates, check rails (single and double), and turnouts.

Panels can also be manufactured to fit around tight curves, making them especially useful for tramway applications.

The system allows for very fast installation, is ideal for average sized crossings and is available in various grades to accommodate track access, depots, agricultural, and pedestrian applications.

TITAN Heavy Duty System

TITAN is the ultimate heavy-duty system able to accommodate some of the world’s heaviest traffic, from articulated dumpers to multi-axle haul trucks and ballast tractors.

Designed for use in mining, construction, and other heavyweight industrial environments, Rosehill Rail’s exclusive cold cure moulding process and unique polyurethane chemistry means TITAN panels have a surface deflection of rubber but the strength of steel.

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