A Proud History Spanning Two Decades in the Rail Industry

Based in Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire, we benefit from strategic access to major transport links, enhancing our ability to deliver products efficiently both locally and globally. Known for our dedication to innovation and customer service, Rosehill Rail collaborates with worldwide rail infrastructure firms to develop bespoke crossing solutions that meet specific project needs, maintaining our reputation as a trusted industry leader.

Discover Our Journey

Rosehill Rail, a subsidiary of the innovative Rosehill Polymers Group, began its journey into the rail industry in 1991. Initially approached by Reidel Omni, an American company specialising in rubber railway crossing surfaces, Rosehill was tasked with developing a polyurethane-based system for bonding rubber panels. This collaboration aimed to find a production method that was faster and more environmentally friendly than the existing vulcanisation process, which required heating panels to high temperatures for extended periods.

The team at Rosehill embraced the challenge, conducting extensive testing and trials, which led to the successful development of a cold cure bonding process. This new method significantly reduced the curing time to just 1.5 hours, enhancing production efficiency and conserving energy. After Omni ceased production of their railway panels in 1999, Rosehill seized the opportunity to further their impact in the rail industry by purchasing Omni’s moulds and beginning their own production of railway crossing panels. This marked the start of Rosehill Rail, continuing the company’s dedication to innovation and sustainability in rail technology.

Bespoke Manufacturing Tailored to Your Needs

At Rosehill Rail, we take great pride in our bespoke manufacturing capabilities, tailored precisely to meet each client’s specific needs. Our manufacturing process is governed by comprehensive operating instructions, and all associated documentation—including technical specifications and bills of materials—is meticulously managed within our robust production and quality frameworks, as detailed in our company’s systems manuals. This ensures every product is crafted to the highest standards, perfectly suited to the requirements of each project.


Our commitment to quality is underpinned by our adherence to the International Standard ISO9001:2008, with our quality assurance system rigorously audited annually by the National Quality Assurance (NQA). The manufacturing process benefits significantly from state-of-the-art computer control and is overseen by a team of highly trained, experienced professionals. Our plant and machinery, specifically designed and built for the production of railway crossing panels, are maintained under a dedicated contract by specialist engineers. This rigorous attention to detail and precision in every step of production ensures that we consistently deliver superior railway solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

Reliable Traceability for Peace of Mind

At Rosehill Rail, we ensure traceability by diligently recording production data, weight checks, and visual inspections of each panel during the manufacturing process. This information is stored digitally, allowing each panel to be traced back to its order and manufacturing batch. Should the need arise, this facilitates easy comparison against engineering drawings.

Every panel is marked with essential information for quick identification:

Crossing grade | Rail type | Sleeper type | Fastener type | Year of manufacture

For example: ROAD UIC60 B70 SKL14 2011

This marking system enables engineers and site managers to swiftly verify that the panels meet the required specifications on-site.

Exclusive Design Rights

All components in our level crossing systems are designed by Rosehill Rail (a Division of Rosehill Polymers Limited), including those supplied under other names by our global distributors.

Environmentally Conscious

Rosehill Rail Crossing Panels pose no risk to the environment. They are manufactured using recycled rubber tyres, bonded together with an advanced polyurethane binder through a revolutionary, unique cold-cure manufacturing process.

Upon completion of the manufacturing process, the panels will not react with soil or water, nor will they leach chemicals into the environment or emit harmful vapours or odours into the atmosphere. Our commitment to sustainability ensures an eco-friendly solution for your rail needs.

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