Edge Beams

Eco-Friendly Rubber Edge Beams: A Durable and Lightweight Alternative

Rosehill Rail’s rubber edge beams, made from 100% recycled tyre rubber, are installed in the same way as their concrete counterparts, and bonded using cutting-edge cold cure technology to ensure a long lifespan.

Opting for our rubber edge beams over traditional concrete alternatives allows customers to benefit from significant weight savings and a durable product that won’t crack or spall, making it a smart and eco-friendly choice for various applications.

Edge Beam Overview

Introducing the Authentic Alternative: Rosehill Rubber Edge Beams for Level Crossings

Designed as a genuine alternative to concrete, Rosehill’s rubber edge beams, also known as kerbs or cill beams, support the cess, 6-foot, or outer crossing panels in level crossings.

Installation is identical to that of concrete edge beams, but our rubber beams provide substantial weight savings and are easy to fit using Rosehill lifting pins.

Strategically positioned lifting holes assist the installation process and reduce installation times, offering a more efficient and convenient solution for level crossings.

Durable, Eco-Friendly Rubber Edge Beams with Low Maintenance

Crafted from 100% recycled tyre rubber and bonded with our cutting-edge cold cure technology to ensure a long life. Unlike brittle concrete, these beams won’t crack or spall and are incredibly tough and durable. They withstand years of heavy vehicular traffic and diverse climate conditions with minimal maintenance required.

Available in standard 1.8-metre lengths, rubber edge beams are ready for installation upon arrival and can be delivered and stacked efficiently, without the issues associated with concrete. They’re perfect for both new installations and maintenance projects.

Rosehill Rail’s rubber edge beam boasts full Network Rail acceptance and can be viewed at our demonstration facility in Sowerby Bridge, showcasing an eco-friendly and reliable solution for various railway applications.

We offer both steel and plastic edge beams.
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