Road Crossing Upgrade At The Port Of Varna, Bulgaria

December 15, 2021

Our innovative LINK System has been used to upgrade a series of road crossings at the Port of Varna on the Bulgarian coast.

The LINK System accommodates movement during the wave effect of differing vehicle loads applied from one panel to another, making it ideal for road crossings with heavy traffic. LINK System panels are manufactured under compression to ensure dimensional stability and combat ‘compressive set’ in order to avoid distortion and gapping.

For ease of installation, the innovative LINK connector attaches to the end of a previously installed panel, ready to guide the next panel into place. Once situated, the top bracket is secured with heavy-duty stainless-steel bolts and a rubber cover plate inserted into the fixing cavity, allowing easy access for future maintenance.

Panels can be manufactured for all gauge types, and adapted for all types of rails, clips, and sleepers.

Thanks to our partners at CENTRALNA ENERGOREMONTNA BAZA EAD (CERB) for their assistance with this project.

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