Rosehill Rail Rubber CONNECT Road Crossing System

January 6, 2022

As part of Rosehill Rail’s eight-year agreement with Infrabel, operator of the Belgian national railway, to supply level crossing systems across its network, this solid rubber CONNECT Road Crossing System was recently installed in just a few hours.
Designed to provide a stable crossing at any angle and in all operating conditions, the CONNECT system is ideal for roads with heavy traffic or crossings at an acute angle to the road. The solid rubber panels can be quickly and easily removed and replaced for maintenance, without dismantling other parts of the crossing.
Sustainably and efficiently manufactured in the UK from 100% recycled tyre rubber and bonded with a unique polyurethane chemistry, Rosehill Rail’s solid rubber rail crossing panels are tough, durable, and engineered for long-term use.
Panels can be manufactured for all gauge types, and adapted for all types of rails, clips, and sleepers.
Thanks to Luc Belis and our partners at Vatis for their assistance with this project.

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