Two Of Our Innovative LINK Crossing Systems Installed In The Town Of Chełmża

November 2, 2022

This fantastic photo from our Polish partners DORACO Infrastruktura Sp. z o.o. shows two of our innovative LINK Crossing Systems recently installed in the town of Chełmża. Spanning both the road and cycle lane, the over 22 metre long crossings provide safe transit for motorists and cyclists.

One of the main benefits of Rosehill Rail’s LINK system is an innovative connector which attaches to the end of a previously installed panel, ready to guide the next panel into place, allowing quick and precise installation. Once situated, the top bracket is secured with heavy-duty stainless-steel bolts and a rubber cover plate inserted into the fixing cavity, providing easy access for future maintenance.

Manufactured from recycled tyre rubber, the solid rubber construction of our level crossing panels makes them a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to concrete. Produced in the UK, LINK Crossing System panels are engineered to fit the specific gauge, rail, fastener, and sleeper of the crossing.

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