Rosehill Rail’s Interlocking RRAP At Cameron Bridge Station, Scotland.

October 10, 2023

Rosehill Rail’s Interlocking RRAPs have recently been installed at the new Cameron Bridge Station, which is being built near the coastal town of Leven in Scotland. This station is part of a larger project and will allow easy access to the tracks for workers and maintenance crews working on the line.

The Levenmouth Rail Link project will reconnect Leven to the main Scottish rail network by spring 2024, resuming passenger services that last ran in the late 1960s. It will also add two new stations, giving locals easy access to various opportunities in education, culture, entertainment and employment. The project will promote a shift from road to rail commuting, easing traffic and cutting carbon emissions.

Our Interlocking RRAPs are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional level crossings and can be used as a temporary or permanent solution. They are easy to install, with individual panels manufactured to the specific rail, sleeper, and fastener type of the site, ensuring a perfect fit.

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