Port Of Constanţa Level Crossing

September 26, 2023

The Port of Constanţa is Romania’s most expansive and crucial seaport, establishing essential trade connections between landlocked European nations and regions including the Transcaucasus, Central Asia, and the Far East. The port is equipped with an intricate rail network, optimised for the seamless transportation of various goods and materials throughout Romania.

To enhance road transportation of goods, a new level crossing has been installed. Rosehill’s LINK level crossing system, extending over 66 meters and situated on a challenging curve, assures a secure and stable rail crossing point for heavy goods vehicles (HGVs). This strategic installation significantly contributes to the efficient and safe movement of goods, reinforcing the port’s logistical framework.

The Rosehill LINK Crossing System, manufactured from durable and environmentally friendly recycled rubber, is a robust solution for rail level crossings. Featuring an enhanced connection design that negates vertical lift and adeptly manages the movement induced by different vehicles and trains.

Tailored to suit all types of rail, clips, and sleepers, these adaptable panels are ideal for any situation, particularly long crossings and angled road intersections, providing a comprehensive solution for diverse railway requirements.

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